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Pre-School Karate Kids Classes

Pre-School Karate for Kids programs are taught by Martial Arts schools all across the world. Here at Renzo Gracie Middletown Martial Arts, we implement an industry-leading curriculum designed specifically to aid the growth and development of very young students. Pre-school age kids flourish with exciting new tools that grow their self-confidence and self-esteem while learning Martial Arts in a safe, fun, stress-free environment. At Renzo Gracie Middletown Martial Arts in Middletown, NJ, the Karate Kids life skills include valuable pre-school lessons such as confidence, courtesy, respect, and self-discipline. Children develop and enhance these life skills as they grow as individuals and Martial Artists. A clearly noticeable and positive difference in your child’s outlook, attitude, and behavior can be expected after just a few classes in our reputable Pre-School Karate Kids program.

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My son has learned invaulable lessons in only going a short time. The coaches are so patient, they make it fun and keep the attention of young ones. Would highly recommend.

Yvette C., parent of 5 year old Lil Dragon January 16, 2018