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About Renzo Gracie Martial Arts Academy in Middletown NJ

Welcome to the Renzo Gracie Middletown Martial Arts Academy located within I AM Fitness (formerly 365 Premier Fitness) in Middletown, New Jersey. Our state-of-the-art training center provides the highest level of training for kids, teens, and adults in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Instructors include Legendary Master Renzo Gracie, 5th degree black belt; Professor Rolles Gracie, 3rd degree black belt; Professor Fernando 'Cabeça' Sarmento Jr., 4th degree black belt; and many other top level teachers. It is not uncommon to see world champion Jiu-Jitsu and UFC athletes training at the facility. Guest Instructors from the famous Gracie family stop in from time to time to share their knowledge and passion for the gentle art.

Martial arts involves a workout unlike any other and it needs to be experienced to be believed. After just a few weeks of training, you are going to find yourself losing weight and gaining lean muscle as you increase your stamina, endurance, flexibility and strength. We are proud to offer programs with world class instructors, to prepare our students from the feet as well as the ground. Our extensive programs are available for kids and teens through adults, of all different abilities and experiences. To see what program best fits your needs check our list under "Programs" above or visit the academy and speak with a program director.

Our facility is located within the newly renovated I AM Fitness complex. This exciting venture has allowed us to extend a complimentary gym membership to our adult students, allowing us to offer a one-stop location for all of your martial arts and fitness needs. In addition to our extensive schedule, designed to accommodate everyone from weekend warriors to kids, time-crunched parents, young athletes and professional athletes, members also have access to a full array of weight and cardio training equipment, fitness classes, pool facility, and complimentary child-care services.

What are the benefits of doing Martial Arts?

For Children

  • They are safe and can protect themselves. They are fit, and are building healthy life-long habits that will keep them fit and strong for their entire lifetime. Their focus and concentration will improve. They have the self-discipline to challenge themselves and reach their goals in life. They have the skills, self-respect, and confidence to face ALL of life's challenges... to succeed in school with a positive and healthy attitude... to stand up to negative peer pressure and say NO to drugs and alcohol... to be a leader, to be different, and to be themselves and not need to follow the crowd.

  • Improved Report Cards. Developing a mindset that guides them toward specific goals for self improvement, and to develop a non-quitting spirit to overcome obstacles and to become a successful achiever.

  • Builds Healthy Kids. Martial Arts is a great workout. Your child will breathe better, eat better, and sleep better. Children who take martial arts make better decisions about food, exercise, and their health. Improved self-respect helps children make better choices and take better care of themselves.

  • Positive Attitude. Children in our program learn how to maintain a positive and respectful attitude. You won’t find yourself having to repeat yourself over and over, or arguing with your child like most parents do. Kids learn to be respectful of their parents.

  • Self-Confidence. It is true; kids who take martial arts develop better self-confidence. They are encouraged to excel and push themselves further than they thought possible. The success they experience through training shows them they can accomplish anything if they truly believe they can and are willing to work hard.

  • Self Defense. Martial Arts teaches self-defense on two levels. The first is physical safety. Through us, they will learn skills to be able to defend themselves and BE SAFE if the need ever arises. We will not teach them to fight. The second is mental and emotional safety. They will develop the mental and emotional skills to stand up to peer pressure and bullies, to make the right choice in the hardest situations, and to allow them to NOT be a victim.

For Teens and Adults

  • Mental Conditioning. Taking care of your body aids and improves your mental faculties. You will find that you have better concentration, more control over your emotions, calmness and clarity in any response, as well as improved well-being. Martial arts incorporates a spiritual wellness that supplements the physicality of its practice.

  • Complete Fitness. Martial arts is well-rounded work-out that targets important muscle groups and dexterity. Classes incorporate the drills necessary to get you where you need to be to perform optimally, which keeps you well prepared for anything in life. You will also find that you have increased energy for your whole day.

  • Wholesome Worldview. With a wide array of different abilities contributing to the school, we all learn more about each other and we absorb a culture of respect and humbling regard for one another. Size, age, and gender do not matter on the mats and training with one another reinforces community based upon personal skill and development, shared together.



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